The Southern Pacific Coast of Costa Rica offers an incredibly diverse selection of great things to do, all within minutes of Bella Vista Lodge. We’re happy to schedule and book tours and excursions. Remember you will need 4 wheel drive to get to the Lodge and to most of the excursions listed below.  Enjoy Costa Rica.  Pura Vida!!!


Bella Vista Horseback Tours--Santo Cristo Waterfalls    An incredible day!  Your guide meets your group at the top of Escaleras, just above the Lodge.  You ride through the jungle and down into the valley, stopping at Woody’s River Cabin for a light breakfast.  Then on to the falls, crossing the river on a cable-suspended gondola--then a short hike through virgin rain forest.  Swim and enjoy the majestic Santo Cristo Falls.  Then ride back to the Cabin for a great local lunch using fresh products grown on the farm.  


Santo Cristo Falls










For information and reservations, email Curt Dyer@ cd305@aol.com or call 305-975-0003 .